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How do I buy the map?

You can get Podmobs for 2040 Minecoins on the Minecraft marketplace.

Can I record the map to make a video?

Absolutely! You have our explicit permission to create and release videos on Youtube or other similar platforms. All music and sounds in-game are made by Podcrash Ltd, and we freely give you a license to create content without expectation or desire to claim any copyright royalties.

I have a question / bug to report!

Okay! We have several ways for you to find an answer to your question and to report a bug.


1) Check out our FAQ to ensure your question isn’t already answered. You can find that at here

2) You can open a ticket (and register an account) on our helpdesk to ask a question directly to our team

3) Contact us on Twitter (by starting a private conversation with @podcrash)


If you open a ticket or DM us on Twitter, they both go into the same support queue to the same team so please be assured that we will respond to all questions as soon as possible in the order we receive them.